Friday, May 16, 2014

Putting Together An Incra Miter 5000

Every table saw user has a sled.  It's used for user safety and stability of the work piece being cut.  I was thinking of making my own, but ended up otherwise and opted for the Incra Miter 5000.  I went with Incra because I love their router table system.  Being blessed to have used such nice precision tools, I opted for it again.  

The installation of the Miter 5000 was very straight forward and the install guide was excellent.  The kit comes in the following pieces.
  • Left sled
  • Right sled
  • Miter bar
  • Miter gauge
  • Fence and accessories

Here, I was dismounting the miter gauge from the left sled so I could install the miter bar beneath it.  The miter bar itself is very adjustable to multiple sizes of miter slots.  The default miter bar was set with a 1/32nd of an inch too narrow which meant half a turn clock wise in all the plastic spindles to tighten the bar up to the slot so it did not wiggle, but still allowed for movement.

Left side with the fine micro adjuster installed
 To get both the left and right sleds to fit your table, a cut is necessary on both left and right side.  With the left sled fitted on the miter bar and into the miter slot and right sled installed as a single unit, I made the cut and also tried out the saw for the first time.

Just make sure the saw blade is at a 90 degrees using a machinist angle.

Before the cut

After the cut.
 The right side sled also needs the same operation done to it.  Mount the aluminum miter bar onto the right sled.  Use the miter bar installation holes that would just let you cut the left side of the board.  For my setup, it turned out to be the middle set of holes.

Both boards cut and left sled installed back into the miter slot.  The kerf line sits between both the left and right sled.
 The Incra miter gauge is very awesome.  It allows for adjustments for half a degree.  Adjustments are segmented into 5th's on the major gauage, single digits on the left micro adjuster, and half a degree on the right micro adjuster.  Very easy to use and sight in.  As it is from the factory, I did not need to make any post adjustments.

Incra miter gauge and micro adjusters.

Incra Miter 500 installed on a Grizzly G0691 table saw