Friday, April 11, 2014

Deck Build (Part 1)

Started work on building a deck in my back yard.  The patio space we have is getting a bit cluttered so it's time to invade some grass space.  

The right way to lower a truck.  With 3300 lbs of gravel.
Living on a hill is sometimes annoying.  In order to build anything, I have to level it.  Depending on the grade, I usually have to level all the way or half way and build out above the elevation with pier and beam framing.  For this deck build, I'm doing a combination of digging and pier and beam.  I'm trying to stay as close to the elevation as possible by stair stepping the decking.

Highest part of the elevation dug out.  Further dug out holes and filled with gravel for where deck blocks will be going.

Just another picture of the same with a bit less zoom.

I went with McCoys this time for material.  I've always gone to Home Depot for general framing material but decided to drop by a local hardware store and try them out.  McCoys did not disappoint with the customer service and free delivery.  The delivery person was even nice enough to fork lift everything into my back yard.

I raided the lumber yard!

Deck blocks on the left and concrete blocks on the right.

For lumber, I bought a combination of pressure treated pine for the framing, cedar and southern yellow pine for the deck.

Close up for lumber.

Trying to layout my blocks

Chop saw with side supports for those 20' long beams.